Friday, October 12, 2012

Black Herald Press

The Black Herald Literary Magazine

Issue 3 has recently been published. This is a remarkable bilingual magazine edited by Paul Stubbs and Blandine Longre. Poems, essays, articles, reviews and much more will challenge readers and will offer a range of some of the best work from writers past and present.

The Black Herald 3

The Black HeraldLiterary magazine – Revue de littérature

Issue #3 – September 2012 - Septembre 2012190 pages – 15€ / £13 / $19 – ISBN 978-2-919582-04-4
Poetry, short fiction, prose, essays, translations.Poésie, fiction courte, prose, essais, traductions.
With / avec W.S. Graham, Gregory Corso, Andrew Fentham, Louis Calaferte, Iain Britton, Jos Roy, Tristan Corbière, Michael Lee Rattigan, Clayton Eshleman, Denis Buican, John Taylor, César Vallejo, Anne-Sylvie Homassel, Cécile Lombard, Gary J. Shipley, Rosemary Lloyd, Bernard Bourrit, Mylène Catel, Nicolas Cavaillès, Ernest Delahaye, Sébastien Doubinsky, Gerburg Garmann, Michel Gerbal, Allan Graubard, Sadie Hoagland, James Joyce, João Melo, Andrew O’Donnell, Kirby Olson, Devin Horan, Dominique Quélen, Nathalie Riera, Paul B. Roth, Alexandra Sashe, Will Stone, Anthony Seidman, Ingrid Soren, August Stramm, Pierre Troullier, Romain Verger, Anthony Vivis, Elisabeth Willenz, Mark Wilson, Paul Stubbs, Blandine Longre et des essais sur / and essays about Charles Baudelaire, Francis Bacon.ImagesÁgnes Cserháti, Olivier Longre, Will Stone, Devin Horan. Design: Sandrine Duvillier.

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